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Updates to Home Inventory

Here are the most recent updates to the app

Date Name Description
May 5th 2023 Added Budget Tracking Now people can create their own budgets and track their spending everywhere. They simply add budget items income and expense. When the bill comes due they can mark it paid. They can also track their income as well. Each time a receipt is scanned it will also go into their expense receipts. They can view a budget calendar or an expense calendar.
April 24th 2023 Added Bookmarks People can now add their bookmarks. The reason why this is better than browser bookmarks is that you can label the links and it works on all devices. So you do not have to use a particular browser to get to your links.
April 22nd 2023 Download Milage Now people can download their milage for all vehicles they drive.
April 17th 2023 Change Image Now people can change their image without deleting their items on the edit page.
April 21st 2023 Milage Tracking Now people can track their miles for their different vehicles. For example if you have a Chevy and a Ford, give them a name and start tracking. It is easy and to the point. Also if someone forgets to put in their end milage for a vehicle the program will force them to put in the end milage before they can start new milage. If you have more than one driver then they should set up their own account to use.
April 16th 2023 Receipt Scanning Now people can scan their receipts and have things automatically entered into their inventory during the scan. The program saves the receipt and all its information. The people can also download all their receipts into a database. They can seperate the receipts according to business or personal expanse. The API to scan receipts is not free so I also added another feature where they can manually enter the receipt information. I also added a way where they can see and edit their receipts if the information is not correct. While scanning if the lighting is dark there may be some errors.
April 10th 2023 More Barcode Scanning I added another way to scan barcodes with your cell phone or web cam. Fisrt the person sets where they want the item to go as far as locations, categories, bins or tags. Then they can take a picture of the barcode or scan it with their camera. Once the program recognizes the bar code it will put it into the persons inventory. If the barcode is not in our database then the person has the option to add it so then it will forever be there.
April 9th 2023 Google Login I added a signup or login with Google API
April 8th 2023 Barcode API I added a barcode API that put out a JSON file. All a person has to do is access Replace the ones wiht the barcode number. If we have it then it will be there.
April 7th 2023 Barcode Scanning Now a user can scan the barcode of their items. If it is not in our database the user will be promted to enter the item so everyone can use the same information associated with that barcode. After the person creates the item for the barcode scan then they can enter it into their inventory.
April 6th 2023 QRCode Scanning and Creating I created a QRCode generator on each item page as well as location/categories and Bin/Tag pages. The QRCode is at the bottom of each page. Once the page is loaded a QR code is generate for that page. I also created a page where people can print out all the QRCodes that they create so they can then stick them on items, bins, shelves and other places where they stock items.
April 5th 2023 Moved App To A New Faster Server I moved the app to a new and faster server running php 8.1. This gives us more speed and security options.
March 14th 2023 Picture View & Bug on Descriptions I added a way to page thorugh the inventory with a picture view on the menu. I also edited the html entities on the description because it was being taken out. That is fixed now.
Fubuary 13th 2023 Menu Rearrangement I added graphics to the menu and rearranged them so that it make more sense.
Fubuary 12th 2023 Provided a way to download Entire Inventory on in Spreadsheet I got a request on YouTube to allow users to download their entire inventory into s spreadsheet. Another request from YouTube was to make it so when switching a bin to a new room there would be a drop down with the locations in addition to creating a new location for the bins.
October 23rd 2022 Fixed Duplicate emails and Authenticated emails I noticed some were entering the same email address. I fixed this so there is only one email address. Also I am using an API to verify email addressess are valid. If they are not valid the user will be rejected.
July 27th 2022 Added Change Location for Bins The idea here was to be able to move bins from one location to another with all their conetns easily. All a user has to do is enter the new location or an existing location and the bin with all its contents will be updated. See page here
July 18th 2022 Updated All To See Locations and Place Just like a user can see bins all at once I made it so you can see the locations all at once. See page here
July 17th 2022 Updated All To See Bins and Place I updated the app so that a user can see all their bins and places in one place. The idea here was to see what bins were made so that there are no duplicate bins. See bin page here.
July 13th 2022 App Created I created the basic structure of the Home Inventory app.
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