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Updates to Home Inventory

Here are the most recent updates to the app

Date Name Description
July 27th 2022 Added Change Location for Bins The idea here was to be able to move bins from one location to another with all their conetns easily. All a user has to do is enter the new location or an existing location and the bin with all its contents will be updated. See page here
July 18th 2022 Updated All To See Locations and Place Just like a user can see bins all at once I made it so you can see the locations all at once. See page here
July 17th 2022 Updated All To See Bins and Place I updated the app so that a user can see all their bins and places in one place. The idea here was to see what bins were made so that there are no duplicate bins. See bin page here.
July 13th 2022 App Created I created the basic structure of the Home Inventory app.