Name Total Items Total Worth
Sample User 3931 $5489674.03

Account Page

this is your account page. Here is what your current estate looks like. Your merchandise in stock is worth $5,489,674.03 and you own 3931 items.


You spent $0.00 so far this year 2024 according to your bank uploads and $0.00 according to your receipts tallying $0.00 in spending. To see what you spent it on click here.

Past Due

Total amount past due on your bills is $0 and upcoming bills in the next 7 days are tallying $0.00 according to your budget. Your email bill remind is turned off.


Your budget income shows you are owed $0.00 and have received $0.00 this year in receipts. Your bank statements shows your income at $0.00 for this year tallying $0.00 for the year.

Self Destruct Letters

Here is a list of the self destruct letters you sent and their status. To create a self destruct letter click here You have credits. It cost 1 credit to send a self destruct letter and 1 credit to delete it. I use a 3rd party API that I pay for to help with these so I have to charge a little something for it but you get 5 free credits when you sign up to try it out.

PersonStatusExpireDate Time ReadReads LeftExact LocationIP LocationDevice InfoScreen SizeLetterDeleteReset


Here is a quick glance for your budget.

Due DateServiceNameAmount

Miles for:

Account Options


Control your bill pay reminder below. If you set this to on then you will get an email the day your bill is due. Also if you use the mileage and forget to enter your ending mileage you will get an email letting you know.